The Eddie Futch Interview

THE EDDIE FUTCH INTERVEW: A Conversation with Boxing Legend and Trainer of Champions

The Eddie Futch Interview is a conversation with one of the greatest boxing trainers and life coaches in sports history. The interview was tape recorded in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1993 and stored away for almost twenty-five years.

Recently discovered, the interview was recorded when Mr. Futch was training the World Heavyweight Champion Riddick Bowe. In his six decades in the sport, Eddie Futch had guided the careers of hundreds of fighters and is credited with creating over 20 world champions.

Part I. of this book is the unedited transcription of our entire interview that has never been seen and/or read until now.

Part II. expands upon the topics Mr. Futch covered during the course of our interview and offers additional background information on the champions he was associated with throughout his storied career.

This interview is deeply personal and highly insightful. Mr. Futch discussed his early experiences in the fight game when black fighters rarely got a shot at the title. He offers first-hand testimony pertaining to some of these uncrowned champions of that era.

Eddie Futch also reveals some the training secrets he used to give his fighters a marked advantage over their opponents. The “Futch Touch” enabled his boxers like Joe Frazier and Ken Norton to defeat “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali.

Some of the champions highlighted in this interview include:

  • Joe Louis
  • Charley Burley
  • Henry Armstrong
  • Sugar Ray Robinson
  • Joe Frazier
  • Ken Norton
  • Alexis Arguello
  • Bobby Chacon
  • Riddick Bowe
  • Michael Spinks
  • Larry Holmes

The Eddie Futch Interview is must reading for anyone interested in boxing history, sports in general or inspirational life lessons from one of the greatest trainers of all time. Click on the Book Above and Read the Eddie Futch Interview Today!