Triple-G Canelo Revisited

After a few weeks to ponder the Golovkin-Canelo fight, I have to admit that I was a bit surprised at the outcome. Is Golovkin starting to slip or is Canelo a better fighter than I had expected? Well, maybe a bit of both.

Canelo Alvarez certainly improved over the past year, primarily due to hard training and the quality of his competition like Amir Khan and Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. His sharp defensive skills made it difficult for Triple-G to connect solidly on Alvarez and Canelo’s counterpunching ability was also effective in adding points to his score.

Team Canelo had a solid game plan that Alvarez was able execute. He started strong, and I thought he actually won the first three rounds, just by making “GGG” miss a lot and counter-punching effectively. Gennady was head hunting through most of the bout, yet his prey alluded him. Also, Triple-G seemed to abandon his potent body attack.

Canelo seemed to tire in the middle rounds and when “GGG” had him on the ropes, he was able to land some power shots. But again, Alvarez took what “GGG” had to offer and didn’t seem to be hurt or in any kind of trouble throughout the entire fight. In fact, Saul was able to land some power punches of his own in several rounds which certainly earned Golovkin’s respect.

By round nine, “GGG” was picking up stream was beginning to dominate Canelo. He was chasing him around the ring and tagging Saul with some clean shots. Canelo seemed to be weakening and stayed on his bicycle for a couple of rounds in survival mode.

Going into the championship rounds, “GGG” seemed to be the stronger overall and was able to score some points. To be fair, Canelo had a second wind in the final two rounds and scored enough to make it a close fight. In the end, I had Golovkin winning seven rounds and Canelo five.

Ringside judges had the fight (115-113) Golovkin, (114-114) Draw, and for some unknown reason, the third judge Ms. Adalaide Byrd scored the fight (118-110) Canelo? It ended in a Draw! Surprised? “GGG“-Canelo II? It’s a given!

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